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The North Zone of Costa Rica has certain oddness that makes it a never-ending exploring area. The perfect blend between nature and adventure offers thousands of possibilities. Arenal Volcano and Fortuna’s Town are probably the main landmarks where we could find responsible accommodation options surrounded by nature, sustainable farms, and relaxing and peaceful sites. Additionally, its famous rivers, used for water sports such as rafting, are the perfect example of tourism in harmony with nature. The northern area is also the cradle of very charming and traditional villages that offer us the possibility of being part of the Pura Vida culture!

  • Arenal Volcano & Fortuna

    This is probably one of the most iconic landmarks of Costa Rica, from the National Park, the lake or from the Fortuna’s surroundings; the Arenal Volcano shows amazing unmissable sceneries. This area also offers the perfect combination between nature and adventure. The site is well-known by the abundance of completely natural hot springs coming from veins of the same volcano. It is also a popular place for adventure, where you will probably find more activities available than the time to do them all.

  • Sarapiquí and rafting culture

    Sarapiqui’s town is located in a privilege geographic area: it is a bridge between the northern zone and the Caribbean, additionally, it is right next to the Braulio Carrillo National Park, for this reason it has great natural treasures; proof of this is the Sarapiquí River, cradle of many of the rafting guides of this country and a wonderful river for an adventure and nature tour.

  • Celeste River

    One of the greatest shows from nature happens in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. One of our wonderful crystalline rivers flows over a vein of the volcano and at that precise moment its waters turn deep blue. A majestic lagoon, beautiful trails, rustic bridges that cross the river, and an impressive waterfall are some of the activities that we can find in this majestic place. The weather in this site is crucial to observe the colors of its waters, so it is always important to consider the possibility of a change in plans ...

  • Bajos del Toro and the thousand and one waterfalls

    This small community located in the middle of deep forests is known by its steep terrain and the great amount of rivers that run through it. These rivers create numerous waterfalls for every taste, some very accessible, others in rural areas that include beautiful walks and others at the end of amazing trails. This area is ideal for waterfall lovers.