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Puntarenas province, one of the largest in the country, holds some of the favorite destinations in the country.

  • Chira Island

    Located in the middle of Golfo de Nicoya, this island seems to live in the 80's in Costa Rica. A small town with gravel roads is the heart of the fishing traditions of our gulf. Here the idea is not just to visit, but to become one with the culture of the island by practicing artisanal fishing, planting mangrove trees, oyster farming and more.

  • Monteverde

    A widely renowned place famous for been pioneer in the conservation and investigation in Costa Rica and the rest of the world. Monteverde is a fairy-tale worthy site where we could enjoy the Cloud Forest through ecotourism.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park

    One of the most famous beaches of the country, not only for its paradisiacal white sand beaches and crystalline sea, but also for the possibility of crossing its trails in search of the abundant flora and fauna of the place. This zone is characterized by the great affluence of tourists, so despite its beauty, we recommend to visits in the low season. Of course, we would help you do it in the most responsible way.