National Parks

If you want to do pure ecotourism, visit some of our routes through our National Parks and Biological Reserves. On the way, our peoples will show their wealth. Of course if you have more time we can join routes or make it completely customized from some sites that you liked.

  • Welcome to the Rainforest, welcome to the Slow style

    Day 1

    Welcome: One of our knowledgeable drivers will be waiting for you outside the Airport to welcome and orientate you.

    Transportation Airport- Sarapiquí: We will transfer you directly to the heart of the Rainforest: La Selva Biological Reserve.

  • Let´s go to the Forest

    Day 2

    Natural History Walk: To enjoy the rainforest nothing better than a natural history walk about the La Selva Biological Reserve with one of its guides.

    Night Walk: La Selva is very famous for night activity, we will search for world famous red-eyed tree frog and more animals.

  • To the Volcano!

    Day 3

    Bird watching: Before thinking to leave La Selva we will have the opportunity to make a bird watching tour in the jungle.

    Transportation Sarapiquí- Fortuna: One of our drivers will take you to the north plain, on the banks of the Sarapiquí river. After a 3-hour drive, we will arrive to Fortuna’s town, right at the foot of the Arenal volcano.

    Relaxing afternoon.

  • Enjoy paradise

    Day 4 & 5

    One of the most sustainable destinations in Costa Rica for you…

    Celeste River: World famous for the deep light blue coloration and exuberant jungle.

    Hot Springs: As many options as you can think for this fun, relaxing and healthy activity.

    Caño Negro Wild Life Refuge: Perfect for bird lovers.

    Juan Castro Blanco National Park: Full of beauty and very quiet place with very little visitation.

    Sustainable Farms: Alternative and organic farms around this area are an example of green development.

    Adventure: Rafting, Tubing, Biking, SUP, Canopy, Hanging bridges and more.

  • To the mythical Cloud Forest

    Day 6

    Jeep- Boat- Jeep Tansfer: The trip from Fortuna to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is not a simple transportation service, it includes a boat ride through Arenal lake and spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano, once the lake is crossed, the landscape will be completely rural until we reach the dense cloud forest of Monteverde.

    Relaxing afternoon.

  • Getting into the clouds

    Day 7

    Bird watching: We will follow the cloudy trails looking for the beautiful resplendent quetzal and much more.

    Walk on the trails: As we are staying directly in the Reserve we are free to enjoy all the trail system, we can recommend the continental divide.

  • Back to San José

    Day 8

    Transportation Monteverde- San Jose: Let’s go back to the Central Valley, directly to the airport or your preferred hotel.

  • Welcome to Slow, welcome to Pura Vida!

    Day 1

    Welcome to Costa Rica: When you land in Costa Rica, one of our drivers will be waiting at the airport gate to greet you.

    Transportation San Jose- Orosí: Once you have made yourself comfortable in our vehicle we go directly to your hotel in a beautiful coffee valley, so you can rest from the trip.

  • Directly to the crater!

    Day 2

    Irazú Volcano National Park: One of the most impressive craters in the world and all surrounded by nature.

    Durán Sanatory Ruins: Close to Irazu Volcano, a place full of history and mystery.

  • Relaxation in the Coffee Plantations

    Day 3

    Relaxing in coffee valley: The Orosi Valley region is so relaxing that we would like to spend a whole day in this beautiful farmers’ town staying in a lodging where you will feel at home.

    Activities available: Coffee tour, Tapantí National Park, Guayabo National Monument and more.

  • Rafting into the jungle!

    Day 4

    Transportation Orosí- Turrialba: We leave Orosi valley heading to the mythic and beautiful Pacuare river in Turrialba.

    Rafting Pacuare river: Few times in life we will feel so deepen into the jungle as this day. Rafting has not only become a must-do activity in the river, but also a reason to preserve almost all the basin of this beautiful river. There, in the middle of the exuberant jungle, we will spend the night resting and getting ready for the next adventure.

  • Discovering the secrets of Pacuare

    Day 5

    Pacuare Jungle: In the middle of the jungle freedom is all you have, we can relax within the facilities of the lodge or we can walk to the beautiful waterfall, we can also visit indigenous territories nearby, rappel and more.

  • Back to the water!

    Day 6

    Rafting Pacuare, Part II: After a good tropical breakfast, we can continue the adventure. From this point on, rafting will be mostly class III and we can enjoy more of the amazing landscapes of Pacuare River: canyons and waterfalls that fall directly into the river will be part of the view until we reach Siquirres town.

    Transportation: Turrialba- Cahuita: From the river we will move directly to the beach to stay in the middle of a beautiful Jungle Refuge and beach.

  • Cahuita and the beautiful Caribbean!

    Day 7 & 8

    Initially, these two days are dedicated to relaxation on the beach but if you would like to explore a little more, of course we do have some options:

    Cahuita National Park: Probably one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica for its mixture of crystalline waters and white sand, a faithful representation of the Caribbean that protects an incredible jungle filled with natural secrets.

    Chiquita Beach: Small beach hidden in the middle of Caribbean Jungle.

    Snorkel en el Caribe: We will discover some of the coral reef barriers in the area.

  • Discovering Sarapiquí

    Day 9

    Transportation: Cahuita- Sarapiqui: Back to the Caribbean, we have the opportunity to go through one of the most famous sites in terms of worldwide preservation: La Selva Biological Station, located in Sarapiquí.

    Night walk: The perfect place to take a night walk, stretch your legs and if you are lucky, to see some amphibious characteristic of the area, including the well-known red-eyed tree frog.

  • Arenal Volcano and Fortuna

    Day 10

    Birdwatching/ Natural History walk: We know that if we like nature we will be amazed by the Biological Station so we have the option of taking a birdwatching or Natural history specialized walk.

    Transportation: Sarapiqui- Fortuna: We will go through the north low lands of Costa Rica. If the weather permits, it is going to be easy to know that we arrive to Fortuna, because we could watch the volcano from every angle of the road.

  • Life in the woods

    Day 11,12 & 13

    Fortuna is one of the most sustainable destinations of Costa Rica; let’s make a stop to explore, some options:

    Celeste River: One of the seven natural wonders of Costa Rica. An already beautiful river that passes over a vein of the Tenorio volcano and transforms in a deep light-blue river.

    Hot springs: Worldwide famous by its healing attributes and wide variety.

    Arenal volcano and Fortuna waterfall: Now that we are here, let’s get close to the volcano to learn its history and enjoy its grandeur in the Arenal Volcano National Park, after that we can go to the waterfall La Fortuna to relax the muscles.

    Sustainable Farms: Best example of slow tourism on production and consumption.

    Adventure: Hiking, Biking, Water activities, canopy, canyoneering and more.

  • Back home!

    Day 14

    Transportation: Fortuna- San Jose: As we started, one of our excellent drivers is going to take you to the airport or to a convenient hotel in the nearby area. We are sure that you will be grateful to have enjoyed a responsible touristic experience.

  • Welcome to the land of volcanoes

    Day 1

    Bienvenido a Costa Rica: Our driver will meet you at the airport or at your hotel. From that moment, you can relax and be ready to enjoy the happiest country of the world.

    Transportation: San Jose- Orosí: We will transfer you to a small valley surrounded by coffee plantations.

  • Irazú Volcano

    Day 2

    Irazú National Park: After having breakfast, we will be heading up to the mountains of Cartago province to visit the Irazú Volcano National Park, it is one of the highest volcanos of the country with a great and easy-access crater.

  • From volcano to volcano!

    Day 3

    Transportation, Orosí- Fortuna: We will honor our route leaving a volcano in Central Valley and moving to Arenal Volcano area in northern lowlands.

  • A hidden treasure

    Day 4

    Tesoro Escondido Waterfall: We will go to Bajos del Toro Amarillo, a small town in the northern area of the country. We will walk through paddocks and wooded patches until we reach a pure water river, we will follow it upstream until we reach the Tesoro Escondido Waterfall to enjoy all its immensity

  • Exploring Arenal Volcano

    Day 5

    Arenal Volcano National Park: We will visit the Arenal Volcano National Park to take a walk around this icon of Fortuna town in San Carlos.

    Fortuna Waterfall: It is a beautiful, impressive and inviting for a splash waterfall and also an icon in sustainability since all the revenue is invested in community projects.

    Hot Springs: Naturally heated deep in the volcano, hot springs are famous for healthy properties.

  • Celeste River

    Day 6

    Tenorio Volcano National Park: If we talk about waterfalls, we definitely have to visit Celeste River, a worldwide wonder of nature. We will visit Tenorio National Park to access this place. Check out the photo, says more that words can explain.

  • Adventure to the Rincón de la Vieja!

    Day 7

    Transportation, Fortuna- Liberia: We will leave the Northern zone behind to reach Liberia in the Northern Pacific area of Costa Rica, close to the Rincón de la Vieja National Park.

    Safari boat in Corobicí River or Rafting Tenorio River: On the way, we will stop to stretch our legs in a safari tour in the Corobicí River; we can also do rafting for those who feel more adventurous. After the activity, we have lunch and continue with our transfer.

  • Rincón de la Vieja National Park

    Day 8

    Rincón de la Vieja: One of the active volcanos in the Guanacaste mountain range is the Rincón de la Vieja volcano. In this occasion, it is not possible to watch the crater due to the frequent activity, but we can visit the Pailas trail from where we can appreciate the volcanic activity.

    Oropendola Waterfall: One of the most beautiful waterfalls in this region, perfect for a splash right after our nature walk.

  • To the beach!

    Day 9

    Conchal beach: From Rincón de la Vieja National Park it will be easy to access one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica: Conchal Beach. We will leave early in the morning to spend the day at the beach paradise.

  • Rincón Day

    Day 10

    Transportation, Liberia- San Jose: Right after having breakfast, we will move to San José, either to the airport or to a convenient hotel nearby to take your flight home.

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