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    North Pacific

    Jabirú / Jabiru / Jabiru mycteria

    The province of Guanacaste is widely diverse, but probably there is one who takes all the lights when it arrives in our country. The Jabiru is not only one of the most stylized birds but also the largest one registered for Costa Rica. This is just one of the many visitors of the Palo Verde National Park.
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    North Region

    Lapa verde / Great green macaw / Ara ambigua

    San Carlos area is as diverse in landscapes as it is in birds, it has the green macaw as it representative, thanks to the conservation efforts that had been taking place for more than 15 years. Besides, you can also watch birds of prey as the most outstanding. Caño Negro and Maquenque are unmissable places in this zone for the lovers of birdwatching.
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    Central Pacific

    Quetzal / Resplendent quetzal / Pharomachrus mocinno

    The Central Pacific area is a spot honored by our Central American ancestors for being the home of a bird considered a good: the Quetzal; probably one of the most beautiful birds in this country and the world. Monteverde has become famous for the Biological Reserve that houses this elusive friend. Next to the quetzal, another incredible bird of the zone is the Bellbird, perfect name due to the vocalization that this animal makes.
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    North Caribbean

    Jacana centroamericana / Northern jacana / Jacana spinoza

    The extensive wetland network that shapes the Tortuguero Conservation Area, with its thick forests and wide lagoons, is the perfect home for a large number of bird species associated with aquatic environments above all.
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    Central Valley

    Tucancillo esmeralda / Northern emerald-toucanet / Aulacorhynchus prasinus

    Despite being the home for the big cities in Costa Rica, the Central Valley hides birds species as beautiful as in any other part of the country, a proof of that is the Mountain Tucano, as known by Costa Ricans; it lives in the highest and cooler areas of the Valley.
  • tucan img

    South Caribbean

    Tucán / Keel-billed toucan / Ramphastos sulfuratus

    The Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica has a peculiar geography; it is not only a beautiful coast, but also holds the foothills of the Talamanca mountain range, the highest of Central America. This allows the opportunity to observe large numbers of birds; toucans have become the representative species of the area.
  • lapa Roja img

    South Pacific

    Lapa roja / Scarlet macaw / Ara Macao

    The enigmatic Osa Peninsula, one of the hot spots of endemism of Costa Rica, is one of the paradises to find those bird species that are treasures marked in our bird guide. This area of the country is so full of nature that a bird as spectacular as the scarlet macaw becomes an inhabitant of the community, always willing to pose for a good photograph.
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Birdwatching in Costa Rica can take you from coast to coast or concentrate in one site during days. The decision basically depends on what type of birdwatchers we are and which species attract us the most.

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