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Cultural Experience

Besides it’s natural exuberance, Costa Rica holds great cultural richness and communities that show the real costarrican people. Here we have some of those places to explore:

  • Welcome to Costa Rica!

    Day 1

    Hola Costa Rica: After welcome you to our country, our driver and a tourist guide will introduce you to Slow Tourism Costa Rica.

    Transportation, San Jose Turrialba: Once you are ready, we will visit the Central Valley and then head to Turrialba.

  • Some recent history

    Day 2

    Guayabo National Monument: After a big typical breakfast, we will go to Guayabo in Turrialba to see the biggest villages in Costa Rica with more than 2000 years old: The Guayabo National Monument. This archeological site has great importance for our country; it is the only one in America, along with Machu Picchu, listed as Architectural Heritage of Humanity. This part of history and the glimpse of their lifestyle will give us the tools to understand the lives of our current indigenous peoples.

  • To the Caribbean!

    Day 3

    Transportation, Turrialba- Bribri: Early in the morning, right after breakfast, we will go to the small community of Bambú. From this point, we will use a road traveled by our native people since ancient times: the Yorkín River.

    Coexistence: Our lodge will be very similar to the Bribrí ones. They have made our rooms more private and mosquito-free, but they are basically the same conditions. We will have solar energy during day hours for our needs. The cold shower will help us refresh in this tropical weather. Our friends are living between our culture and their ancient culture so you will see they have same clothes and some amenities as in the city but in the middle of the jungle and amazing knowledge.

  • We are one of them!

    Day 4

    Traditions: To begin with, we will take a small tour by the town; some landmarks like the hanging bridge, the church, high school and soccer field. If we have any luck, we can attend a soccer match in the afternoon. We will learn a few things about cocoa and its ancient value in the native communities. We will also try our skills by making embellished jícaras; a type of pumpkin traditionally used to store water and now makes a great souvenir or whatever they would like to offer to do.

  • Thank you Yorkín, Hello Beach!

    Day 5 & 6

    Transportation, Yorkin- Cahuita: After our return trip on the Yorkín river, our van will be waiting for you again at Bambú to go relax near the beach all day long.

    Caribbean Style: We can spend our days relaxing on the beach or arrange a visit to Cahuita National Park, Snorkel tour, hiking and more.

  • Return to San Jose

    Day 7

    Transportation, Cahuita- San Jose: One of our drivers will drive you to the central valley, it could be to the airport or to any hotel.

  • Welcome to the adventure of your life

    Day 1

    Welcome to Costa Rica: After a warming welcome to Costa Rica, our driver will take you to the South of the country.

    Transportation, San Jose- San Gerardo: As we know flights are very tiring, we will take to San Gerardo de Dota so you can rest amongst the Costa Rican clouds.

  • Recharge your energy

    Day 2

    Walking in the clouds: At sunrise we will realize that we are in the middle of the forest. The high part of Talamanca is one of the most exuberant places of our country and there is nothing better to recharge our energy to continue our adventure.

  • Directly to the South!

    Day 3

    Transportation, San Gerardo- Puerto Jimenez: After breakfast we will go straight to Puerto Jimenez in Osa, where we will find a big hustle not coming from the city, but from the Red Macaws that live in this beautiful town.

  • Deep in the adventure

    Day 4

    Horseback riding to waterfall: We will start the day with a horse riding that will take us from Dos Brazos community to El Salto Waterfall.

    Night walk: After a rest we will go on a night walk looking for some animals.

  • Just one more tico (Costa Rican)!

    Day 5

    Nature walk: We will spend the day walking La Tarde community, nature trails and local Butterfly garden.

    Bird watching: We will close the day looking for birds with sunshine.

  • No artificial ingredients

    Day 6

    Hiking to Waterfall: Our day will start the day with a demanding hiking to Los Patos Waterfall in Corcovado National Park limit.

    Alto Laguna Indigenous village: After our hike we will take the opportunity to visit an indigenous village to talk with their leaders and learn about this culture.

  • Rest in Paradise

    Day 7 & 8

    Transportation, Puerto Jimenez- Ballena Bay: After our great adventure, we will move up North, this time through the Pacific coast, to have 2 days of rest in the beautiful beaches close to the Marino Ballena National Park.

    Relaxing in paradise: We can spend our day relaxing or visiting the whale´s tail beach, maybe some dolphin search or if we are lucky some whales.

  • Back to San José

    Day 9

    Transportation, Ballena Bay- San Jose: Mind and spirit recharged, we go back to San José to wait for the flight home.

  • To the Volcano!

    Day 5,6 & 7

    We will move to Arenal Volcano Area, famous not only for rain forest and adventure, but also for perfecto conditions for honeymoon: Hot Springs.

    Spa couple´s treatment.

    Volcano Hikes

    Hanging bridges and more…

  • Home

    Day 8

    We will provide you transportation to the airport so you can remember your honeymoon forever.

  • Welcome to Costa Rica

    Day 1

    Just outside of the airport, our staff will be waiting for you to take you to our Retreat Center, where you can relax after the flight.

  • Begin the heal… Chacras and Yoga!

    Day 2 & 3

    Learn about Chakras and all the knowledge to heal your body:

    The anatomy of the subtle.

    Identify Chakras.

    How to create self-healing energy and more....

  • Aromatherapy!

    Day 3 & 4

    Continue learning about how to go deep into your body:

    How aromatic affects body.

    Ancient cultures use of aromatherapy.

    How to make aromatic oils and more…

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