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The entire southern Caribbean coast of our country has two characteristics wherever you are: beautiful forested beaches and Afro-Caribbean culture. The exquisite coconut-based dishes are just one of the exotic options that can be enjoyed in a place with so much cultural and natural richness.

  • Cahuita National Park and Puerto Viejo Limón

    Probably one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica for its mixture of crystalline waters and white sand, a faithful representation of the Caribbean. This national park offers the option of not only enjoy the sun and the sea, but also beautiful trails for the search of flora and fauna or snorkeling in its reefs to really feel in the tropics. Very close to Cahuita, there is a typical town of the Costa Rican Caribbean, right in front of the beach; Puerto Viejo of Limon offers the possibility of enjoying one of the famous coconut-based dishes while looking at the sea. This area has become, over the years, a very famous place for the practice of yoga and meditation.

  • Indigenous territories

    The Southern Caribbean area has a fairly narrow coastal plain due to the fact that right after the coastline, the elevations of the Talamanca mountain range begin. This is the largest in the country, and it that also hosts the major number of indigenous communities of Costa Rica. Some of these communities have opened spaces for national and foreign visitors to experience their villages and learn a little of their extensive knowledge of the environment and their amazing resources.

  • Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve

    This beautiful and hidden natural paradise is an excellent example of slow tourism in Costa Rica's Southern Caribbean area. Located in the foothills of the Talamanca mountain range this is the perfect place to become one with nature. A wonderful natural pond in a river that springs from the deepest veins of the jungle, a secret waterfall, and amphibians in danger of extinction are a few examples of the sightings this place has to offer.