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The province of Guanacaste, cradle of culture in Costa Rica, is a place where we will find radical landscaping changes within a short distance. In the Northern Pacific, we can go from an amazing beach to a volcano in less than we could imagine, from the hot weather to the cold conditions, from the dry forest to the humid one. It is a place to discover beyond the regular offer.

  • Rincon de la Vieja National Park

    This zone is perfect for those who like physical activity and those who like a relaxing and peaceful environment. Rincon de la Vieja National Park offers wonderful trails in the middle of the forest which lead to superb waterfalls. Surrounding this active volcano, you can find hot springs and great rivers. Some of the hotels in this zone are examples of environmental protection.

  • Barra Honda National Park

    If you like adventure in the dark, Barra Honda must be in your bucket list. This mountain of calcareous origin has been molded for years by the water and it has given rise to beautiful caverns, one of them perfect to visit on our way to the Northern Pacific.

  • Santa Rosa National Park, Culture and Adventure

    Santa Rosa, an immense hacienda during the 19th century and a witness to one of the historical feats that marked the history of Costa Rica, is home to not only one of the oldest typical mansions in the country, but also the only remaining of dry forest in Central America. In the depths of this forest lie one of the beaches with the most difficult access in the country and therefore one of the most beautiful.